Entry title: College life.
Date / Time : 30 March 2011 / 3:18 AM
Absolutely TIRED. fml.
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Entry title: =DD
Date / Time : 29 January 2011 / 9:03 PM
GOOD MORNING, earthlings.
I was totally enjoy taking care of little kids. =) Most of them are year 3 or 4. They are so cute !! Most of the kids at that age, they cant pronounce the words correctly. They love to go playground and walk around to look at others? lol. They laugh as loud as they could. and they love to sing song. esp, Twinkle twinke? Old Macdonald? I love you? HAHHAHAA~ I have to sing those song everyday !! ><"

Is she looks cute? =) lol. she loves her bear bear. * the one she is hugging * Collina likes her very muchhh !! hahahhaa..

Ohhhh, MY LOVE ! LMAO. He is such my baby boy. =)  Kawaii neh. *kiss*

The princess. lol. She looks cute and pretty rite? =) Curly hair. She loves to wear dress. PINK DRESS. Tied up her hair with a pink band. She likes to ask me a lot questions. "Why this? Why that?" Hmm~ quite sometime i feel annoyed. lol ! Huggiessss *

Okkayy. he is naughty. x) Big eyes, long lashes, curly hair also. lol !  =D I fancy him, my dear.

I should be busy cleaning my house and my room now. =) Stay tuned. heart*

Entry title: A Busy Week
Date / Time : 13 January 2011 / 9:33 AM
A Busy Week.

Hello earthlings, How do you do? lol. This week i have a bit of busy week. Ewww, my fridge is on the fritz ( again ). Currently, im working ! =) lol. WORK. Yahh, as a helper in the kindergarten. It's so freaking tired ! == dammn it. Gonna sleep now ! =) nights.





Banmal song - Jung Yong Hwa ( CN BLUE ) 

Entry title: Dinner night.
Date / Time : 03 January 2011 / 9:20 PM
Nak Won korean Bbq Restaurant
Ampang Point

Went to Korean BBQ Restaurant for the my dinner. You should try Nak Won korean bbq restaurant. Kimchi, lol. I dun really like it. I had not touched the kimchi. Ohyeaa, you need not to bbq by yourself. The waiter there will help you out to prepare the food. Good rite? lol. xD Then using a vege to wrap the bbq pork with some rice inside. The most expensive food that they sold in the restaurant was the rice. RM5 per bowl. sweat.




Such a short post uh? lol. =) Peneng trip and Genting trip? I will post out in next post ! Stay tuned.

Music : High High - BigBang ( TOP & GD )
( i love TOP ! )

xoxo. CHEI .

Entry title: [JYP Nation] This Christmas
Date / Time : 20 December 2010 / 12:39 AM
JYP Nation.
*Merry Chistmas !!

Try to spot JunSu ( 2pm )? lol.
I love him very much. =)

Entry title: A simple post.
Date / Time : / 12:24 AM
Hello earthlings, Whatcha doing right now? Having fun at work? or having fun at home? lol. =) Hmm, im baking butter cake again. ><" I hope it's taste good ! lol. I had a nightmare dream last night. Omfg, Guess what was that? it's about my phy. LOL ! Why phy is so hard? In my view, physics is difficult because we have to contend with different representations such as experiments, formulas and calculations, graphs and conceptual explanations at the same time. I think physics is hard compared to math, because in a physics textbook, a minimum of explanation is usaully given to justify an equation. So, to understand it really, we have to do the in-btw steps, which are sometimes very complicated, and other times you simply don't have enough information to do the steps and you are just wasting your time. But, most of my friends are good in physics. lol. No matter how, spm already over ! Say BYE-BYE to phy. x)
Ahh, i am wondering and thinking how people do eyelashes extension? lol. Can you still put mascara on these? Eyeslashes extension is semi-permanent right? How do maintain the lashes? ><" lol. Long lashes make eyes look bigger and more attractive. Look like a doll uhh? lol. But, it's hard to wear contact lens right? Lashes keep poking your eyes. =X Hmmm. I don't want to try, it's i just want to know more. Can give me more info? lol.
Ouuchhh, i started gaining weight. == i have to slim down. Let's start my slim down plan. First, i have to slim down my tummy. I get this information from net. Isit work? lol.
1. Keeping a list of what and when you eat during the day will help you keep track of everything you are putting into your body. Find out your healthy range of calories and stick to it! Don't let yourself get caught up in snacking before bed, and eating after you are full.
2. Drink! Hydration is very important for your body to function at its best. The more water you intake the better for you. Did you know that you retain water, adding to the bloating mid-section, if you don't drink enough fluids?
3. Jump around! Cardio is very important to weight loss, and toning all around. Get your heart pumping in an outdoor activity this summer.
4. Stride! Hit the stride machine at the gym. Especially useful for those who have bad knees, and cant run around too much. Many machines have a variety of programs from.
5. Dance! Whip out that ipod and make a playlist with energizing songs that get you pumped up. Its much easier to stay on the ball when you have the music to steady you.
6. Eat! Try a slice of watermelon after a workout. Your body is still going and burning fat after you jump off the treadmill. You may start craving salty, calorie-filled food following a good workout, but don't give in!
7. R&R! A little rest and relaxation will leave you refreshed and ready for whats ahead. After a week of following your workout and diet plan reward yourself with a visit to the spa. You deserve it.
Let's try ! =)
Pee/Ass : I have to stop eating junk food ! ><"

xoxo. CHEI

Entry title: Stars
Date / Time : 19 December 2010 / 1:48 AM
Prom Night/ Part ( I )

Dance with the Star.

Friday night. Everyone dressed up well. Like a star ! =) Yea, chongjinxin. She looks pretty that night. And, sweet sweet love with her boy. <3 lol. Collina looks awesome. I like your eyes lashes. It's freaking long. lmao. JoeAnn & Yuying, I like their hair ! rm50? Costy? O.o AHHH, waner, she looks gorgoues with her long hair ! Eunicetay looks pretty, nice hair colour? lols. thumbs up ! xP fongcheesan, hot chick ! =) Sexy and sharp red tube dress. lol. Steph, White princess. tube dress also ! lol. mmmm, what about me?! i m a zebra. i am wearing heels and i curled my hair also. lol. Want to know more?! View my blog often. =P
i will post about that night tomorrow? orr.. ?? i am waiting for more picturess ! upload more pictures okayy? Stay tuned ! heart*

waiting for pictures. ***

xoxo. CHEI.

Sweet 17, Loves, Music & Peace. Love MARIO; You know the drills.



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